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A Bit About The Bansuri And The Indian Bansuri

The Bansuri has traditionally been with us right from ancient times
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An Overview of the Bansuri

Bansuri (Bans means bamboo, suri means swar or notes) has its place in Indian mythology and tradition through time.
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10 Major Thaats in Hindustani Music

There are 10 major thaats in hindustani music, according to Bhatkande.
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A True Story a wonderful experience

A few summers ago a fine gentleman appeared before me. He wanted to learn the bansuri.
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What is a Jiva Swara and Nyasa Swara ?

Jeeva Swara – is in effect the life of the raga.
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The Dilemma Heart versus Mind.

Most often we approach music in a way known to us in the modern world the mechanical way.
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