A Bit About The Bansuri And The Indian Bansuri

The Bansuri has traditionally been with us right from ancient times.

Whether in the form of Metal Flutes, Recorders, Wooden Flutes, Flutes made out of PVC, larger flutes like Shakuhachi of Japan, or the Pan Flutes of South Americas, the flute has a history among most of the world's cultures.

Each type of flute has its own identity and characteristics producing unique sounds. It is a wonderful world of different kinds of flutes with a peaceful co-existence of sounds and divine notes enriching our lives.

The meditative, quiet, dedicated, yet serene sound of the Bansuri gives it a special place in our lives.

And yet behind this seemingly simple instrument, there lies the magic of generations of skilled hands of playing and making over the thousand years to give it true expression.

The Bansuri has the deep connection with Lord Krishna and hence a deeply religious and melodic element brought to life with the breathe when blown into it.

A particular kind of Bamboo called Cinchor is used to make Bansuris. These are matured over years and then the Flute Makers carefully, lovingly create the holes by boring into it the bamboo to produce perfect notes.

Flute makers or Bansuri makers have a special place in any Bansuri player’s life.

There are two streams of Indian Music which use the Bansuri.

Hindustani tradition and Carnatic tradition.

Hindustani bansuris are normally 8-holed, 6 / 7 to play and one to blow in. They range from 6 inches to 40 inches and above depending upon the scales of the sounds. 

The Carnatic Bansuri or (also called the Venu (the Sanskrit name for bansuri) nowadays is smaller and used wonderfully in the Carnatic tradition. 

Both traditions or styles of music are intrinsically beautiful and are built on strong devotional and spiritual foundations. 

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