Bansuri or Indian Bamboo Flute

Bansuri with its magical powers. What is it that draws you to the wind instruments.

Is it the feel of the magical feeling of satisfaction as you feel your breath slowly making forays into the flute?

What does it give you which has an enthralling element of satiation?

And when your flute or saxophone starts responding with time , does it pave the way for an affair with sound?

So profound that the intoxication gets over you and gets your fingers itch to blow and play?

The amazing feeling of the breath, blow, feel, softness, quietness as well as the beauty that lurks within oneself emerges in so many different ways and colors.

How does bansuri connect between breaths to create music?

With each inhalation or exhalationl one is aware of the creation of breathing which sustains life.

The slow flow of the breath into the bansuri as it makes its way through the simple natural reeds ; in the course of it invisible tiny reed of the inner parts of the bamboo come to life, each vibrating to its own frequency / tune you may call it. As one breath exits out of the bansuri another takes its place.

The breath connects the melodic , majestic, tranquil sound or swaras which fill the ears. Each different , each unique in quality distinct in its own existence just as every part of nature , trees, water, stones, soil, as if to remind us that there is so much diversity in nature and human beings, no one being is the same. Just as all the individuals all of us are different in all aspects of manifestation, each breath in the bansuri treads a different path of salvation. All directions are right, all paths lead to the same goal fo satisfaction, peace, glory, and self introspection.

Is this what happens?

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