Need for a good grade Bansuri?

Do you really need an expensive, professional grade bansuri? An expert knows it all.

A professional bansuri player, if given a bad or incorrectly pitched flute will still be able to know the differences and is capable of making adjustments in flute playing angles, blowing , holding etc thus compensating for the pitch error and blow holes of that bansuri.

Basuri is specifically tuned for its owner

The custom made bansuri takes account of the blow hole (right hander or left hander the blow hole is different), grip, large holes small holes etc.

But surely a beginner needs a perfectly crafted and well tuned bansuri to do proper hand placement, tone reflection and blowing adjustments.

Most beginners face a lot of trouble handling an inferior quality bansuri during their initial months of bansuri learning.

This is demotivating and ultimately could lead to the demise of the desire to learn bansuri. A good bansuri will change this and will greatly increase the speed of learning and bring quiet solace and comfort to your heart.

Jai Shri Krishna

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