So you want to learn the bansuri ? Why?

Why do you want to learn the bansuri?

The common answer is i like the sound of it. Seemingly looks simple but takes quite a while to get it to speak your language. Just like all indw/breath instruments , it has its own challenges..

Basuri counts your every breath

Every breath you take either inhalation or exhalation, it is uniquely different from the other. So each note, or sound or swar is different, which makes bansuri so unique.

Before you begin your journey introspect a bit on these grounds...

Do I really want to learn to play the bansuri? Why not the mandolin? Or Guitar? Or learn to paint? Or play the drums? Why Bansuri?

Please write in a few lines the reason why you would like to associate your self with the Bansuri,

Look Forward to hearing from you

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