What is a Jiva Swara and Nyasa Swara ?

How does Jeeva Swara blend with Raga?

Jeeva Swara is in effect the life of the raga. In Sanskrit word Jeeva means life.

Two Jeeva swaras are , one primary and the other secondary; Vaadi swara is the primary anchor, while Samvaadhi swara is the secondary anchor.

So the raga is focussed around these two.

Vaadi and Samvaadi swaras would rank first and second respectively in the full presentation. Be it while in motion or in alap the musician , will rest at the Vaadi and Samvaadi swaras, E_G Raga Bhairavin the Jiva Swaras will be komal r and komal d.

How does Nyasa Swara blend with Raga?

So the Nyasa swara will be were the composition goes and rests. Like n s g..E-G Raga Bhairavin the Nyasa swar is komal g.

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