The Beginner's Love for the Bansuri

Learn Bansuri with Deep Ganguly


Deep Ganguly teaches you to play the Indian Bansuri.

One on one lessons preferred for beginners to advanced level, Or online. In Mississauga , Ontario, Canada.

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Deep teaches Bansuri from Beginners to Concert level emphasising strong basic skills and techniques as a foundation for success. This confidence helps to explore further and build for continuous advancement.

Turn your love for the Bansuri, unleash your inner potential of breath, experience the golden sound of the Bansuri.

Learn the Bansuri



Flexible Schedule as per your suitability

(some restrictions may apply for time zones)

Time which Suits you
Appointments need to be set up.

  1. Schedule: Weekdays or Weekends, based on mutual convenience and availability.
  2. Notes:
    • You may bring your own Bansuri. Ensure that the bansuri is of a good grade.
    • You can order custom-made Bansuri. You may be asked to demonstrate your prior level of learning before we begin the lessons.

Behind the Scenes.

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