An Overview of the Bansuri

Bansuri ("Bans" means bamboo, "suri" means "swar" or notes) has its place in Indian mythology and tradition through time. What makes the Bansuri or the Bamboo Flute stand aside is that it is a plant/ vegetable origin.

This single reed shoot of the bamboo plant creates the beautiful, relaxing sound, when the lips meet it and the breath produces, the reverberations, creating a quiet connection to the inner self.

The Flute has traditionally been with us right from ancient times. Whether in the form of Metal Flutes, Recorders, Wooden Flutes, Flutes made out of PVC, larger flutes like Shakuhachi of Japan, or the Pan Flutes of South Americas, the flute has a history among most of the world's cultures.

Each type of flute has its own identity and characteristics producing unique sounds. It is a wonderful world of different kinds of flutes with a peaceful co-existence of sounds and divine notes enriching our lives.

My Bansuri

Here at My Bansuri, we are dedicated to promoting the art of playing the Bansuri to a global audience.

This ancient art form has the power to enhance wellness and transform lives, given the appropriate approach and focus.

We hope you enjoy this journey with us!


my bansuri

A bit about the Flute and the Indian Bansuri

  • Improved breath regulation and control
  • Improved functioning of the lungs and diaphragm
  • Reduces the risks of bronchitis and respiratory problems
  • Regular practice with the proper technique improves alertness of the mind
  • Improved hand-eye coordination
  • Increases the accuracy and sensitivity of finger positions on the flute
  • Improves spiritual awareness
  • Awakens the mind to the beauty of sounds of nature, as in birds, rivers etc.
  • Serves as a form of meditation
  • Serves as a universal language to depict or convey emotions and feelings
  • Unites artists and enthusiasts from different parts of the world

benefits of playing the bansuri

bansuri - an overview

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